Different 35mm black and white films developed in coventional developer such as Tetenal Ultrafin Plus or Rodinal


Hoerning & Co, Hamburg

Angkor, Cambodia

[Mahouts at Angkor Wat]

Standing by

[Phnom Penh, Cambodia]


[North German mudflats]


[with Hi-Flyer, Hamburg]

Barbara Kruger, SCHIRN Kunsthalle

["Gewalt lässt uns vergessen wer wir sind" - CIRCUS installation]

Rene Magritte, SCHIRN Kunsthalle

["Die Geburt der Plastik" - Death mask of Napoleon, 1932]

Shopping trolley graveyard

[River Elbe at low tide, St.Pauli]

The Azure Window

[Coastal rock formation on Gozo island, Malta]

Hospital St, Valletta

[presumably Maltese dry cleaning]

Sunday Morning

[St.Pauli cash dispenser]

Reeperbahn, Hamburg

[Photographic orbituary to an old Reeperbahn sex cinema]

Shopping, Hamburg

[wanna meet that taxidermist]

Hamburger Berg

Mounted crowd control on Hamburger Berg/ Reeperbahn during St.Pauli vs HSV football derby on Sept 19, 2010 [2.0/45 Planar - Fuji Neopan 400 in Tetenal Ultrafin Plus]

Parkhaus, Hamburg

[ . . . ]

Lazarus Fine Prints, St.Pauli

[Kurt Will legacy at Lazarus Fine Prints]

Oberhafenkantine, Hamburg

[and Oberhafenbrücke, of course]

Platform 11

[Frankfurt Central Station]

Dalmannkai, Port of Hamburg

[Old gantry cranes that stood next to the soon to be Elbphilharmonie]

Grosse Freiheit, St.Pauli

[no need to say any more]

St Michaelis, Hamburg

[Hamburg landmark reflection]

Brahmskontor, Hamburg

[Kontor house interior]

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