If you ever...

...feel the need to contact me for whatever reason it is you would like to get in touch with me, then please visit me on LinkedIn for contact details. However, if it's a proper handmade silver gelatine print of one of those monochrome images here you're after, then please drop me a line on: enquiries[at]lotuseaters[dot]de

All prints are handmade by one of the few remaining grandmasters of this dying profession - the unrivalled Mr Lazarus of Lazarus Fine Prints in Hamburg's Sankt Pauli district. Mr Lazarus will traditionally wet print your desired image on proper fibre based silver gelatine coated paper up to 20 x 24 inches (50 by 60 cm) in size, either manufactured by Bergger or Ilford.

Colour prints can be ordered too, but as photographic colour reversal paper is no longer available and no-one can run a print of a positive by hand, colour slides featured here will be printed on either a AGFA d-Lab or a Fuji Frontier [no inkjet, sorry]. An editorial license for publication may be acquired directly via Alamy. Please note, you'll have to register with them and fees for editorial use are set by Alamy, not me.

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For license or print order information please contact: enquiries[at]lotuseaters[dot]de.